About Us

Rosetta Stone Learning Center (formerly DMI) is a part of Link Academy Inc, (LAI) a one-stop career center established in 2013. Rosetta Stone Learning Center (RSLC) is the industry leader in blended learning language solutions for adult learners in Japan. We are committed to delivering the highest quality English and pronunciation lessons through our student-centered approach and innovative learning technology.

As part of the Link and Motivation Group of companies, we also strive to be “motivation engineers.” We believe that consistent motivation is key to successfully learning a language, so our aim is to make sure our students are fully engaged and truly progressing towards their goals as they study with us. Our teaching and counseling staff work together to create positive, meaningful language learning experiences every day in order to this. As a company, we strive to enable them through our “Motivation Engineering and i-Company” approach, which also ensures our staff enjoy an environment that supports them in their work and in their goals as well.

Dean Rogers
Former CEO, Dean Morgan K.K.
Yoshihisa Ozasa
Chairman and Representative Director, Link and Motivation, Inc.


Steadily growing the business

Dean Morgan K.K (DMI) was founded by Dean Rogers, who opened our first English and French conversation school under the name Dean Morgan Academy on July 14, 2004 in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Business operations expanded in 2006 and 2008 with the acquisition of Sala, a small chain of English schools in Osaka, followed by Hummingbird, a growing English pronunciation school with their own patented method. In 2015, the company acquired the Rosetta Stone brand license and our schools were rebranded as Rosetta Stone Learning Center.

A period of accelerated growth

The next milestone year for the company was 2017 when we became part of the Link & Motivation Group, a motivation-focused management consulting company which has been voted one of the best companies to work for in Japan. Since then, the group has opened several new schools in the Kanto and Kansai regions and further developed the business in exciting new areas. In 2017, we formed an alliance with Link Academy schools, Aviva and Daiei, to deliver online English lessons nationwide. In 2018, we launched our exclusive Rosetta Stone Premium Club, followed by Rosetta Stone Corporate Services, which offers dispatch lessons to corporate clients.

The current RSLC

From January 2022, DMI was fully integrated into Link Academy, Inc. and now operates as the Language Solutions Unit within LAI.

Our Brands


We aim to be Japan’s leading language education company with exceptional student and employee engagement.


Through Motivation Engineering, we provide opportunities to transform organizations and individuals and create a more meaningful society.

Our Philosophy

“Individual Passion Inspires the World”

At LMG, our core technology is Motivation Engineering. We believe that high employee engagement leads to a state of “One for All, All for One” – employee needs are satisfied and company performance is maximized.

"A serious partner for your career"

At LAI, we provide a one-stop shop for students’ career needs. Students can develop PC skills, language skills, and qualification skills all in one place. We are here to guide students and support them in reaching their goals through our “Motivation Engineering” resources.