Our goal is to be the best company to work for in the language school industry. Our employees play a key role in all our successes so we are committed to hiring, retaining, and developing the best people for our team. Our training and career development programs are open to all. We hope to support all members of our team as they endeavor to grow professionally and develop their skills in and beyond the classroom.

We especially encourage everyone to attend our quarterly general meetings as it is also a great chance to get to know the team.

Training and support


Before beginning to teach, all instructors are required to complete Onboarding, which includes a company orientation and intensive teacher training. Our experienced trainers will guide you through everything you need to know to step into your first lesson confident and ready.

Ongoing Training

We believe that continuing to learn is the key to self-improvement so training does not stop in the early stages. We provide follow-up training after onboarding and send out monthly newsletters with various themes related to developing your skills as a teacher.

Performance Management

Periodically, you and your line manager will meet for a performance evaluation. In addition to evaluating your performance against standards, we hope to better provide support in any area you may need by understanding your individual strengths, challenges, personal goals, and career goals.


Join a

Once you get settled into teaching, there may be the opportunity to join a team and get involved in different areas of the business. Some of these areas include: scheduling, training, IT, quality control, curriculum development, HR, student support, and more. Depending on the changing needs of the company, we look for employees who would like to contribute the skills that they already have or are interested in learning new things and expanding their skill set.
We encourage all employees to inquire about joining a team!

Our executive team

For us, leadership is very much about taking responsibility for creating a better business while continuing to inspire and motivate people. Get to know some our leaders at the helm:

Head of Language Solution Unit, Corporate Unit and Premium Club Unit Leader

Richard has over 28 years of experience in business English and business communication training. He has worked in Germany, France, and Japan. When he was 27 years old, he became the Director of Studies at a corporate language school in Tokyo. Then, he moved to France where he became the Managing Director and shareholder of a global business English training franchise. He ran his own business English training company from 2006-2018 before joining RSLC as a Corporate Business Development Manager. He believes in going outside your comfort zone – it will enrich your life.

Glenlivet, Scotland
Joined DMI in 2018
Language Solution Teaching Unit Leader

After graduating from university in England, Alban moved to Toronto, Canada to acquire some new skills and experience in a new environment. He moved to Japan in 2007 where he started his teaching career and joined RSLC in 2009. On top of his teaching responsibilities, he also worked as a school operations and HR manager throughout his years at RSLC. He believes in team work and wants to share his own language learning experience with his students and convince them that anything is possible if you work / study hard for it.

Paris, France
Joined DMI is 2009