Corporate Trainer

We deliver 90-minute man-to-man lessons, group lessons, and workshops in our client offices or in our schools.
Courses offered include: Business communication training, Executive training, English pronunciation training, and more.
Our students are business professionals with levels ranging from beginner to advanced.
Corporate trainers will periodically create training reports to present results and recommend new content for further training.
Our Approach
Corporate Training

RSCS aids Japanese professionals in effectively developing the English and business skills that they need in order to communicate confidently and naturally on the global stage. Our highly qualified trainers work with each trainee to achieve their goals, while promoting a motivating classroom atmosphere that allows them to participate in training without feeling fear or frustration. As training progresses, trainees will also feel their improvement in their daily business performance.

Training plan creation

Before beginning training, we work with our client’s HR specialists to analyze their industry, vision & mission, and needs. Our experienced curriculum team then develops a customized plan in line with this so we are able to support their specific goals and ensure a relevant and engaging language learning experience for their trainees.

Our Team

Our highly experienced team displays strong professionalism and cultural awareness in delivering English and business skills training to our clients. Get to know some of our Corporate Trainers below.

Corporate Trainer

My personal mission is to help Japanese leaders perform better in their global working environment. I understand the challenges working in various countries and in cross cultural teams. I developed a global mindset that allowed me to get out of my comfort zone and test new things. I want to share this knowledge and experience, and RSCS helped me achieve this purpose.

Joined RSCS in 2012 as a Corporate Trainer
Corporate Trainer

I very much enjoy the professional atmosphere of working at RSCS. Support from the management team is there when needed, but trainers are afforded a high-level of autonomy in their client engagements. The company attracts a top-level clientele through its targeted approach with programme materials and its
flexible approach.

Hong Kong
Joined RSCS in 2018 as a Corporate Trainer