Hummingbird Facilitator

We offer 50-minute lessons for group classes of 1-4 students in our branch, remotely, or a combination of both.
Lessons follow the Hummingbird Method for American English pronunciation.
Our students are adult learners with levels ranging from beginner to advanced. Both English and Japanese are used in class, except for beginner classes which are conducted fully in Japanese.
HB Facilitators write comments and advice for each student at the end of the class.
Our Approach
The Hummingbird Method

Our pronunciation learning method was developed in Los Angeles, California and designed especially for Japanese speakers by a bilingual team. It focuses on the mechanics of sound creation by defining the 8 mouth shapes and 8 tongue positions which are used to mimic and master natural English pronunciation. This also leads to improved listening skills which helps facilitate smoother communication with native speakers.

Education Technology

Students can record their pronunciation regularly to check where it is good or what needs to be corrected. We also offer Hummingbird CD and DVD materials for self-study at home. With continuous learning and practice, students can feel their progress and speak more and more confidently in English.

Career Navigation System

Through Link & Motivation’s core technology of Motivation Engineering, our student counselling team of Career Navigators work to understand each student’s goals as well as any frustrations affecting their motivation. They develop learning plans and habits with each student and, together with our teaching team, support them in truly making progress towards their goals for a more meaningful language learning experience.

Our Team

Our team of bilingual instructors come from different backgrounds and we work together to deliver a great classroom experience to our students every day. Get to know some of our Hummingbird Facilitators below.

Hummingbird Facilitator

I was able to use my Japanese skills and got into a unique aspect of English teaching through Hummingbird. The “customer second” policy has enabled us employees to follow our dreams, and more often than not they can be fulfilled right here in this booming business. Ultimately, if you are there for RSLC, RSLC is there for you.

Pittsburgh, USA
Joined RSLC in 2018 as a Language Navigator (English)
Hummingbird Facilitator


Joined Hummingbird in 2019
Hummingbird Facilitator


Sendai, Japan
Joined Hummingbird in 2009