Language Navigator

We offer 50-minute man-to-man and online lessons in our branches, remotely, or a combination of both.
LNs teach a range of courses including English conversation, Business English, TOEIC Preparation, and Hummingbird pronunciation.
Our students are adult learners with levels ranging from beginner to advanced. Japanese ability is required for some special beginner programs.
LNs type lesson notes for the student while teaching. Lessons are also recorded for the students' review.
Our Approach
The Communicative Approach

Our lessons are based around natural and authentic communication. Rather than emphasize the rules of a language, we focus on conveying meaning in practical situations and real interactions in daily life. Language Navigators set up interactive activities, such as role plays, discussions, or dialogues, to achieve a communicative goal that is engaging and relevant to each individual student.

Education Technology

RSLC supports students in their studies outside of lessons by providing lesson notes and audio recordings after each lesson, as well as access to the Rosetta Stone e-learning software which is used by over 5 million language learners worldwide. Lesson note content is always customized during the lesson to match each student’s unique learning style, needs, and interests.

Career Navigation System

Through Link & Motivation’s core technology of Motivation Engineering, our student counselling team of Career Navigators work to understand each student’s goals as well as any frustrations affecting their motivation. They develop learning plans and habits with each student and, together with our teaching team, support them in truly making progress towards their goals for a more meaningful language learning experience.

Our Team

We have a diverse team of over 15 nationalities here at RSLC and we work together to deliver a great learning experience to our students every day. Get to know some of our Language Navigators below.

LN Group Leader

RSLC students are a joy to teach because they are driven to achieve their goals. Being able to meet a variety of students from all different backgrounds with their own individual goals and levels can be challenging, but it is never monotonous.

Los Angeles, USA
Joined RSLC in 2017 as a Language Navigator (English)
LN Operations Manager

Over the years, I was given the opportunity to progress in my career with new responsibilities such as School manager, HR coordinator, Operations manager and Quality manager. These opportunities and the customer second policy are the main reasons I’m still part of RSLC which, despite amazing growth in the past few years, remains a company where the well-being of the employees is a priority.

Paris, France
Joined RSLC in 2009 as a Language Navigator (English & French)
Language Navigator

Being proactive, teamwork, and a good attitude for learning are very important here. I still remember approaching my line manager and offering to help out with tasks he needed help with. That initiative opened doors for career advancement in many unexpected ways. I’m ready to take on more challenges and contribute to the company’s continued growth.

Tarlac, Philippines
Joined RSLC in 2018 as a Language Navigator (Online English)