Premium Club Facilitator

We offer 50-minute man-to-man lessons in our Kabukiza Tower school, remotely, or a combination of both.
Lessons follow a special curriculum that is tailored to match each student’s goals, background, and interests.
Many of our students are professionals at the highest levels of their careers, such as executives, doctors, lawyers, consultants, and celebrities.
RSPC Facilitators type lesson notes for the student while teaching. Lessons are also recorded for the students' review.
Our Approach
Highly Customized Curriculum

RSPC lessons are completely tailored to each individual student. Extensive research and preparation goes into each lesson as facilitators must be knowledgeable about each student’s industry or background. Through constant feedback and lesson plan review, Premium Club facilitators are able to provide engaging lessons, stay on top of student’s progress, and make adjustments or recommendations to suit their changing needs.

Education Technology

RSPC supports students in their studies outside of lessons by providing lesson notes and audio recordings after each lesson. Lesson note content is always customized during the lesson to match each student’s unique learning style, needs, and interests. Students also have access to cutting-edge technology such as virtual reality devices, auditory devices, and other technology used for output practice.

Comprehensive Support System

RSPC brings a high level of teaching expertise and customer support in order to meet the expectations of students looking for the best service in the language education industry. Our team of Premium Club Facilitators and student counselling team of Career Navigators collaborate on an individual learning plan for each RSPC student to ensure they have a consistently relevant and engaging language learning experience.

Our Team

Our team brings both their years of teaching experience and business-level expertise to deliver a premium learning experience to our students. Get to know some of our Premium Club Facilitators below.

Former CEO, Dean Morgan K.K

Dean graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles with a major in Japanese Language and a focus in International Business. Before launching Dean Morgan K.K (DMI) and several other successful businesses, he worked at JDA Software Japan and Manhattan Associates in technical and sales roles. Before JDA he worked for eight years in finance at a private money management firm in California, laying down the foundation for his successful entrepreneurial career. His words to live by are “In a minute I can change my attitude, and in that minute I can change my entire day and that of others I interact with.”

Idaho, USA
Founded DMI in 2004
Premium Club Facilitator

I’ve been working alongside the CEO, managers, and counselors since my first day here. They spend so much of their valuable time not just training me but also getting to know me on a personal level. They ensure we deliver only the best so open and transparent communication is paramount at work. Everyone is extremely supportive and strives for the very best for each other.

Joined RSPC in 2018